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Starry Blue

To hide one’s imagination behind technical process is a sin against one’s potential for discovery… just as it’s a sin to hold perfection as a standard and pinnacle of beauty.



The pressure of the ordinary pushes us to seek experiences outside our daily hard scrabble world. Process becomes prayer.

Craft, our sanctuary.

Beauty it’s priestess. 

Let our refuge lift us up.


In the Shadow of Star Fall

This is a short series of 15 works made in celebration of the November and December Leonid meteor shower.

It’s autobiographical, a personal iconography of a celestial herald for change. A herald for countless stories, as I’m sure it is, has been, and must be for others.

There’s a strength and comfort to be found in illusion made real by a life lived.

KVIE Art Auction 2014

It’s time to come clean…
While the work from this series has come to mean so many different things to me…
The cool relief of the delta winds,
the afternoons watching the crows play in the winds,
pleasant loneliness…

Delta Winds
The original spark for this series a response to a single event. An event that sent a cold dark shiver through me the moment that my studio-mate informed me of what was exactly in motion.

It was the earthquake and tidal wave in Japan March 2011.

At the time, the ramifications of what might happen put carrion crow in the skies of my imagination. They began materializing onto the surfaces of my work finished  before the end of the week as a prayer against what I saw happening in my minds eye.

To what good the prayers went, it’s hard to say…
This work carries the loneliness of the no-mans-land lost to the people who lived and worked the land given up to the disaster.

The Dreaming Rock

“The dream must be vivid and continuous”…
“The dream must be vivid and continuous”….
“The dream must be vivid and continuous”…

ProcessTo say this with belief and conviction does not make this so.

ProcessI do not desire to tell others what to believe.

I do not paint reality.

I am not a story teller.

ProcessI do not get to sit next to my audience and fill in the details.

I am a craftsman and an Artist, laying a playful trap to engage another’s thoughts, pull them away from the reality of the “now”, giving them a small gift of detachment.

I give abstractions laced with naive references to hidden narratives.

IMG_1928It’s the viewers task to pull apart the threads and discover themselves in the Dreaming Stones.

Sex, Death, and FireFlies

OK… I’d like to speak to the life of the Gentleman Maker for a moment.

I spend my days hoping to balance out the trivialities of a day to day mundane working life with the grace and beauty of Art.

Sex, Death, and FireFliesIt would be nice to say that work like this simply springs out of my head,
an idea fully formed and polished,
but not only would that be untruthful, but it would be uninteresting as well.

IMG_2233Ideas need space to play,
space to test themselves and develop,
  and most importantly,
permission to fail before they are brought into the conversation.

Testing and poking everything into place.
Clay bodies, slips, glazes, compositions, stencils, line quality, designs, forms…
The challenge of it all.

IMG_2362When I stop and look back, I’m amazed that this magic of processes driven alchemy works at all.

Sex, Death, and FireFliesUntil next time…
It’s back into the garden to daydream of testing my ideas against the processes and possibilities of function and fire…