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Velvet Dawn

“Lift the lid of velvet dawn, night lowing at raven wing, pine needle rustle, the story fades, ripples on the night.
Lay victim to the subconscious, sweet dreamer.”

Velvet Dawn


Wiseman / Wise Man

It doesn’t take a wiseman to figure out what not to do in life…

Heart Be Gone

It takes a wise man to not do it.

Untitled Love

Untitled LoveThe greatest things in life, such as love, are not easy.
The decision to support the great things is easy because to be void of them is no life at all.
The action to maintain, to persevere through trials, that in itself is hard but so worth it.
It is so worth every bad day,
every harsh word,
every grain of salt if you know love.

Love is constant.

It is only ineffective when we willingly choose to stop loving.”