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Cut Flowers

Jess and I went back at it this weekend, still working to fill the 4 square feet that we acquired in a salt kiln. It’s not hard filling that space, but filling it on short notice and with intention, especially me, with no material experience with salt firings, that’s a bit more of a jog.

Still, I’m pretty excited about all the greenware that’s been getting made. Lots of experimental works and, of course, we finally got a chance to add a little skull flower. I had been trying hard to restrain myself, but it needed that cherry to complete the design.


The whole load is filled with lots of risk. Not a single sure thing in the bunch, but results should be exciting to play with when they exit the kiln. I’m hoping for one or two racers out of the lot, I really would be quite happy with that. I’m still gladly open to more, but one or two gems and I’d be just fine.

Betting on a Little Cock

It’s time for a bit of show and tell…

I’m a little excited about this one. This is a look at a sample of the bisqueware that’s headed out to the salt kiln at the Cobb Mountain Art and Ecology Project north of Napa in October.


It’s another round of experiments testing slip and glaze interaction in a salt kiln.

There’s a black stain that’s been applied and wiped off before the entire surface was sanded to knock off any sharp edges. The result was unexpectedly nice to hold and looks pretty nice as is.

There’s a round of 13 of these headed up. About half will get a thin shino dip, the other half will get a Helmer Flashing Wash. 

They might come out of the kiln looking awesome, but there’s always a much better chance they’ll just come out all cocked up. 


 Gotta take the chance though.

For a man that refuses to gamble, I spend a large amount of my resources just “letting it ride”…

The Dreaming Rock

“The dream must be vivid and continuous”…
“The dream must be vivid and continuous”….
“The dream must be vivid and continuous”…

ProcessTo say this with belief and conviction does not make this so.

ProcessI do not desire to tell others what to believe.

I do not paint reality.

I am not a story teller.

ProcessI do not get to sit next to my audience and fill in the details.

I am a craftsman and an Artist, laying a playful trap to engage another’s thoughts, pull them away from the reality of the “now”, giving them a small gift of detachment.

I give abstractions laced with naive references to hidden narratives.

IMG_1928It’s the viewers task to pull apart the threads and discover themselves in the Dreaming Stones.

Words of Advise While No One Is Looking

Is all of this writing really necessary?

50 posts into a new journa,l I freely admit to the narcissism of vanity writing, but I need to say, it really helps me nail down some of what is floating through my head and give me a small sense of personal validation by way of giving time to my inner thoughts and personal inner life.

IMG_2288In the scheme of things, I’m a just a dad,
a friend,
a partner.
Everything else spins out of my head.

imagejpeg_2_70My time spent in the studio and time spent writing is time spent trying to connect with ideas and anyone beyond my own personal borders…
I’m not sure on the “how” or “why” of it all, but up until recently, I’ve lived inside a box of my own construction. Censoring my ideals, ideas, and ambitions to satisfy someone else’s needs of personal worth.
When any of us act this way, we are without a doubt, our own greatest limitation. IMG_052350 posts into this I want to say something to myself while no one is looking…

Let’s make these last few years counts.