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As You Wish…

The entire basis for activity in the arts has been long since transformed. Instead of being used as an activity of rebellion, despair, or self-indulgence of those on the fringe, Art has become normalized as a product, an economic engine, an academic exercise, a professional activity…
The ideals of dissent, innovation, and experimentation have been hollowly accepted and institutionalized at the cost of tradition and skill, and despite the acclaim of progress, we gradually lose our authenticity as we strive to appeal to the mundane.

Day 43

I wanted to make the session drawings more painterly… well, they are more painterly. 


There’s little reason to refrain from pushing at drawings that aren’t even making it to the pile of paper that might be saved to at least write letters on.

Session #38 Nisha

Yeah, sometimes it’s an improvement. At times it gets closer to redeeming a few decisions that didn’t work out so well. Others… well, despite the possibilities, it’s still not making it into the pile.

Day #39

Attending a gallery opening tonight, a friend of my partner offered a compliment in my direction. “It’s been nice getting to watch your progress this year.” It was nice to hear that what was being shared was being seen and wasn’t getting (unjustified) praise, it was being valued for just showing up. 

I’m content with that. Hearing that there are individuals that tune in regularly, curious to see what’s been posted, is a measure of success that feels like a real(istic) achievement. Worthy of click on Instagram, not quite worthy of a spot on a wall…

Silver Lining

By taking color out of the picture plane, and instead relying solely on value gradation, (obvious) weaknesses pop out, there’s less distraction from the shortcomings of misdistribution of proportion, scale, and rendering basic anatomy in a readable manner.

That being said… the upside is that difficult compositions are repeatedly being tackled and carried out with a measure of progressive success. Blocking in has become a familiar activity. Finding and establishing the essential details is relatively intuitive. Laying in values is quickly becoming much less intimidating.

Generally speaking, despite not being at all content with what is coming off the boards, I am quite happy with the progress so far. The difference between what’s common place now when compared to this point last year, is a world apart.

Keep at it and keep challenging yourself….