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Rooster and Firefly

Of course, like any piece of art, without the maker standing along side of the piece, the work is forever open to interpretation…

But at the moment, I am here and I’m going to speak what this means to me.

It’s autobiographical.

As of late, more often than not, I feel very much like an old rooster. That grumpy old cock, strutting around, preening to prove my worth in an effort to avoid the ax of the master of the barnyard… Chasing the lone firefly across the night. Like Love, as we chase it, it sneaks up from behind. 

Who’s chasing who?

Nothing too deep, but I do enjoy the way I makes me feel when I look at it though.

Cock and Firefly circa 2016
I know that in the story that’s in my head, it’s the FireFly that caught the Cock.

The Dreaming Rock

“The dream must be vivid and continuous”…
“The dream must be vivid and continuous”….
“The dream must be vivid and continuous”…

ProcessTo say this with belief and conviction does not make this so.

ProcessI do not desire to tell others what to believe.

I do not paint reality.

I am not a story teller.

ProcessI do not get to sit next to my audience and fill in the details.

I am a craftsman and an Artist, laying a playful trap to engage another’s thoughts, pull them away from the reality of the “now”, giving them a small gift of detachment.

I give abstractions laced with naive references to hidden narratives.

IMG_1928It’s the viewers task to pull apart the threads and discover themselves in the Dreaming Stones.

Sex, Death, and FireFlies

OK… I’d like to speak to the life of the Gentleman Maker for a moment.

I spend my days hoping to balance out the trivialities of a day to day mundane working life with the grace and beauty of Art.

Sex, Death, and FireFliesIt would be nice to say that work like this simply springs out of my head,
an idea fully formed and polished,
but not only would that be untruthful, but it would be uninteresting as well.

IMG_2233Ideas need space to play,
space to test themselves and develop,
  and most importantly,
permission to fail before they are brought into the conversation.

Testing and poking everything into place.
Clay bodies, slips, glazes, compositions, stencils, line quality, designs, forms…
The challenge of it all.

IMG_2362When I stop and look back, I’m amazed that this magic of processes driven alchemy works at all.

Sex, Death, and FireFliesUntil next time…
It’s back into the garden to daydream of testing my ideas against the processes and possibilities of function and fire…


“Darkness Between The Fireflies”

“Darkness Between The Fireflies”
Music byMason Jennings
I woke up before you in the total darkness
Early morning

I could hear the wind in the trees

I was looking for the light to bring you out

From the shadows
Redefine you now for only me
And honey i’m sure
That you’ve been in love before
Plenty of men have held high places in your eyes
And jealousy has got no use for me
The past is beautiful
Like the darkness between the fireflies
I was driving faster through the Appalachians
I could see the world go out below me in the sun
You should know by now
That someone’s always been there
Long before you
You’re never going to be the only one
And honey i’m sure
That you’ve been in love before
Plenty of men have held high places in your eyes
But jealousy has got no use for me
The past is beautiful
Like the darkness between the fireflies
Beautiful like the darkness between the fireflies

“the Darkness Between Fireflies”  is a collaborative vase done with Jessica Fong in the spring of 2013


FireFliesTender twigs stretch for sunbeam
And bark to shed new leaves.
For the journey demands walking and this soul is tired of running.
Passing time;
Hours to falling upon meadow grass.
Mellow the months ahead
And may still streams steady
this worried mind of mine.


Accumulation of Memory

Each perception becomes memory, Accumulation of Memory
yet as time moves on and change passes, each new perception is pressed
 through a filter that’s the accumulation of memory…
Accumulation of Memory
It’s though this process that experience is given meaning.
Accumulation of MemoryThis piece is one of several collaborative works created with ceramic Artist Jessica Fong in 2013 and was exhibited and sold at “Art of it All 2” at the Shy Rabbit Gallery in the fall of that year.