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Dots, Dots, Dots!

I’m seeing Dots at the 2015 Akar Yunomi Invitational!


All of the yellow dots have turned red since yesterday and now I’m relaxing into deciphering how this resonates internally. I’m going to enjoy this momentary validation of my approach to both the materials and ideas that I’m putting on the pile. It’s comforting to see that I haven’t spooked everyone out the backdoor with a bit of “the Ol’ Jolly Jim”.

IMG_5188Now I get to find out if anyone is open to entertaining the idea of a presentation of larger body of work.

Sex, Death, and FireFlies

OK… I’d like to speak to the life of the Gentleman Maker for a moment.

I spend my days hoping to balance out the trivialities of a day to day mundane working life with the grace and beauty of Art.

Sex, Death, and FireFliesIt would be nice to say that work like this simply springs out of my head,
an idea fully formed and polished,
but not only would that be untruthful, but it would be uninteresting as well.

IMG_2233Ideas need space to play,
space to test themselves and develop,
  and most importantly,
permission to fail before they are brought into the conversation.

Testing and poking everything into place.
Clay bodies, slips, glazes, compositions, stencils, line quality, designs, forms…
The challenge of it all.

IMG_2362When I stop and look back, I’m amazed that this magic of processes driven alchemy works at all.

Sex, Death, and FireFliesUntil next time…
It’s back into the garden to daydream of testing my ideas against the processes and possibilities of function and fire…


Traditional Anchor

Lets not define ourselves purely by tradition…..

Yes… “Beauty is essentially a matter of values; if values are confused,if there are no standards, if valueless things are admitted among the valued, judgments of beauty lose their basis.”

DecentBut if we anchor our values solely in tradition, then tradition will be a box that can easily trap our imagination.


Using the values of tradition as a platform to move from, rather than as an endpoint, allows for the viewer a path into the work, a set of values that they can be familiar and comfortable with. And yes, the confines of tradition can give the artist a safe baseline to build from.
A structure to fill.
A place to explore beauty.

DecentBut hey…
None the less,
Isn’t this still just hiding behind tradition?


Decent 1

Two pieces from the winter 2012 kilns that juried into the Medalta International Cup Show.Madalta Madalta collection room panorama 1 - 30cm wide

What a lovely facility!
Getting a chance to exhibit in a venues like this is a real thrill for me.Decent2These two yunomi are part one of my favorite series (“Decent”) that I get to play with while making works for FetishGhost.

There is so much to be said for an Artist creating their own vocabulary to explore process with. It all feeds into sense that allows for a kind of tethered freedom.
Freedom to try new approaches to a process or groups of processes while pinning the work down into a cohesive series.
It’s a vehicle for permission to burrow into ideas without getting too lost.

Blue Ice

Blue Ice

Studio Ceramics is unlike nearly any other of the High Arts…

An absolutely beautiful pot is unique in an of itself.
There is no limited edition
No prints

It’s a solitary event that only happens once..

A work of Art that stands alone.