Akar 2015

Why do I sing of the flowers, sex, and death?
A blossom blooms for the sake of being,
Trembled fingers long to find quick breath,
Love for the sake of Love…
For in miraculous transformation I find my rest.

Akar 2015Being asked to contribute to this exhibition and fund raiser for Studio Potter Magazine is a thrill beyond thrill for me. It’s been the online creme d’la creme of American functional ceramics for almost a decade, and being the massively huge fan of this exhibition that I am, every year as soon as the exhibition goes public, I’ve excitedly clicked in and daydreamed.

To say it’s been one of the most important annual exhibitions for contemporary ceramics is an understatement. It’s shown a new generation what is possible and has given us all permission to dream bigger. Pleasing ourselves before pleasing the marketplace.

At least that’s my take away….

Special note. All proceeds from the sale of my work in this exhibition are going directly to the the Studio Potter Magazine so please open up, enjoy, and support with a purchase.

If you press “Buy” let me know… there is a new conversation that can start…


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