Raising the Bar

I don’t think I did myself any favors by playing with a soda kiln again. It just irritates an old unsratchable itch. It drives me nuts, because while I haven’t gotten much feed back on the results that came out of the kiln, the work that I’m holding now really creates a new special place in my imagination. A place that isn’t easily accessible by any silmpler means.

It’s the allure of the tactile surface… The soda firing takes the bare surface of the clay, interacting directly with it and enhancing it without obscuring under a glaze. 

The problem is now I’m thoughly hooked.

It’s showing me an opportunity. I’ve recently lost access to electric firing andJess and I was already investing into the process of switching to gas foreign. To go further and make the effort to jump to soda is going to mean creating something that just doesn’t exist here in Stockton. That’s a big jump for an old man with very little extra time to throw around, but unfortunately I’m hooked.

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