Post-it Note 12/2

“Marcus” 2019

There’s a feeling that settles over me during sessions of wandering between two worlds. One world that believes that the yardstick that’s a measure of what’s good is measuring the ability to accurately replicate what’s in front of me. I openly give credence to recognizing the value of capturing the representation of what the model is presenting, but mememic representation not where I feel the most comfortable. 

The other world plays at the edge of what feels right, leaving the framework of proportion and representational line in place, serving as an anchor to maintain readability while playing with a shifting color pallet and active mark making. A drawing populated with references from the model, but free to wander and take risks. From my point of view, words like “intuitive” and “action” discribe the work that’s being done. I feel good about what’s coming off the boards, but these are still bland words discribing work that can be and say more. 

What that is… I still don’t know. Maybe there’s more worlds to wander.

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