Happy New Year

The turn of another new year. 2019 rolls into 2020 with a fanfair of gunfire and explosions. This last one was a solid ride that once again landed me in a place that I hadn’t anticipated.

Last drawings of 2020 in a mini sketchbook that my daughter Nico and my niece Anna made over the winter holiday. I definitely prefer the self made books the we started making this year. The ability to fill it with any paper that we want allows for a measure of flexibility that feels easy to work with. I can sketch without concern on pages that are put in the stack with sketching in mind or I can find pages that are set into the bind for oil paint, or pages for charcoal.

We haven’t explored this yet, but the option exists to unbind the pages and pull them from the book for use.

None of it would have happened, none of the adventures, none of the art, the classes and learning, the celebrations, the joy and happiness without my partner and wife, Jessica.

If you ever find this, I just want to tell you one more time, I Love you šŸ™‚

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