Be interested in your anxiety.

There’s a rush towards the acquisition of skill and the desire for things to “look” like what they are supposed to look like. It’s in that rush that something feels like it’s being overlooked. I think what’s being dodged is the anxiety of freedom. The freedom to make anything, and more pointedly, the freedom to make “bad” work. We conform to set standards with acquired skills. We hit a target rendering an agreed upon reality. A reality that’s often safe, maybe too safe. But I don’t think that’s what we find interesting, it needs to be acknowledged, there’s often an undertone of psychic energy in the anxious work, work that’s not afraid of being bad, work that freely uses the sensibilities and skills of an artist as a filter for the experience of subjective reality without concern about how or even whether it conforms. The anxious work is interesting by virtue of this freedom just to be… Go ahead, be interested in your anxiety, there’s a pretty good chance we’ll be interested too. 

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