Day 64

Pulling another one from the board. 8 days into the 4 by 4 project, but it feels like it’s been a month. It’d be welcome if it was, I’d enjoy seeing what happens over the span of 31 days.
The project is 31 days, 31 drawings, all with the commonality of all being 4″ by 4″ charcoal drawings on paper. All need to be portraits and/or figure studies. The fantasy that’s underlying this is to pick 7 to be part of a hanging at the Empresso Coffeehouse. I’m hoping to entice others to play along, step up, and put their work up too. I want to challenge others to show me up.
I think I’m unintentionally keeping the bar realistically low enough to be inviting, yet high enough to be at least mildly interesting. 23 days left to go.

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