Post-it Note Day 73

The drawings are moving closer to a common mark of mememic representation and deeper into the funnel of common expectation. (Strangely enough, the deeper into the funnel I wander, the less responses the works are eliciting. I suspect that the bees prefer exploring unfamiliar flowers. It’s the old “Law of Exotics” back in play.”)

None the less… I’m feeling what I set out to experience with this. I was looking for a feeling of earned confidence and, now I’m finding that I have that, a growing feeling of confidence in my ability to construct a composition move through a project.

There are other feelings involved… momentary thrills, happiness, pride, frustration… those are there, but the feeling that learning to draw is bringing out mostly is the freedom of confidence. it feels good to look at an idea, feeling out it’s potential and saying “that’s a good, I don’t know if I can pull it off, but let’s find out.”

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