Bad Line Up

The session was begun with the montra of “just make a bad drawing” which is a coded permission to just get started on pretty much anything without a built in expectation…. and it almost always works, I get started, and fairly effortlessly, make a pretty bad drawing. The silver lining is that along the way possibly a few new techniques might get tried out, skills still unfamiliar get practiced, and sometimes, a bad drawing gets steered back towards something better… but at the scale of 5 by 5 inches, not much is given up by a decision to just try again. 
This time, the second drawing was so bad that it made the first one look decent in comparison.
Would I cross a room to look at either? No. 
Were they worth doing? Sure… I told my kids just yesterday that a person learns little from their successes, but potentially can learn a lot from coming up short.
Some days it’s enough to just make a bad drawing and appreciate it for what it is. An opportunity to grow.

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