5/19 Figure it Out

It doesn’t need to be to the moon and back…. just a few lines to hang some color onto is worth a moment of peace.
Redrawing a drawing is turning out to be and unexpected exercise of restraint. Straight out of the blocks, there’s a feeling that what’s being done is doing the initial drawing a disservice, the original being interesting enough in the first place for it to have gotten pulled out of the stack. Although now that I’m looking back at these two, it’s not all that reasonable to assume that anyone would be able to say which drawing came first. The unexpected exercise of restraint is referring to an inability to stick to this particular project for 2 weeks without becoming diverted or disheartened. A figure pinned to a page can easily be a failure of character development. The most exciting and interesting thing going on is usually the dynamic nature of active lines. If it’s a problem of disinterest, add interest to what’s being done. Figure it out.

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