Sex, Death, and FireFlies

OK… I’d like to speak to the life of the Gentleman Maker for a moment.

I spend my days hoping to balance out the trivialities of a day to day mundane working life with the grace and beauty of Art.

Sex, Death, and FireFliesIt would be nice to say that work like this simply springs out of my head,
an idea fully formed and polished,
but not only would that be untruthful, but it would be uninteresting as well.

IMG_2233Ideas need space to play,
space to test themselves and develop,
  and most importantly,
permission to fail before they are brought into the conversation.

Testing and poking everything into place.
Clay bodies, slips, glazes, compositions, stencils, line quality, designs, forms…
The challenge of it all.

IMG_2362When I stop and look back, I’m amazed that this magic of processes driven alchemy works at all.

Sex, Death, and FireFliesUntil next time…
It’s back into the garden to daydream of testing my ideas against the processes and possibilities of function and fire…


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