What is it going to take to land drawings where I want them, and where is it exactly that I want them to land in the first place?

It’s possible that I’m rationalizing the results of what most would call bad drawings as they come off the drawing board, being willfully blind to their short comings and enamored with the bits and pieces that delight me. Would I matte and frame them? No…. a few delightful bits don’t necessitate a need to put work on the wall, but it’s still encouraging to see that the delightful bits are becoming more and more frequent and spaced closer and closer together.

If I could make a wish, it’d be for my colors to stay unmuddied. That the the rendering of the eyes become more skillful and the shadows of the nose become more confident and clear. I would like to develop more patience with my background. I want to land on moody.

On the plus side, I am finding process strategies that are starting work together, I just need to pay attention to what works just as much as what doesn’t. 

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